Hey, I’m Jordan Lundquist! I’m a senior advertising student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

I am best understood by talking a bit about some of the things I’m most passionate about.

  1. Advertising
    When I came to Drake, I had no idea what my career was actually going to look like. In fact, the main reason I chose Drake was that they had a lot of programs that sounded like something I might want to do. While initially pursuing graphic design and marketing, I pivoted toward advertising after discovering a genuine passion toward the concept of a brand. I love how a product or service can mean so much more to somebody than just a transaction, but there can be a special and emotional connection that people feel toward the things they invest their time and money into. For example…
  2. Apple
    One of the reasons that I (eventually) ended up in advertising is my life-long love for Apple. When I was a kid, I spent hours compiling their products into presentations to show my parents and convince them to buy me a 1 GB iPod shuffle. Luckily, I convinced them so much that I ended up getting the 2nd generation iPod nano in a glossy black finish. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I love/d Apple because they have always stood for creative expression and breaking boundaries interfering with innovation. I still think the greatest ad campaign ever created is their Silhouettes campaign, because it captures creativity and self-expression in a bold and simplistic way while still emphasizing the individuality and freedom iPods can provide.
  3. Taylor Swift
    I genuinely love Taylor Swift because of how she balances an awareness of her fans, a true talent for songwriting, and a theatrical vision for everything she does. Each one of her albums tells universal yet detailed stories of what it’s like to love and live. She blends self-awareness with a dreamy-eyed, optimistic perspective of everything the world has to offer. Not only can she master stripped-down story-telling on songs like All Too Well, but she also managed to craft the best pop song ever written, Blank Space! Check out my playlist of her best songs!
  4. Movies and TV
    My favorite thing about both of these visual mediums is how there is an entire industry surrounding the power of storytelling for the sake of telling stories. I think it’s so important that we can witness and learn from stories from all different perspectives, whether that be learning about our own capabilities and dreams from Ratatouille, reflecting on our own personal development from Lady Bird, or just sitting in awe from Breaking Bad, I believe strongly in the power movies and TV shows hold to inspire people to reflect on their experiences and dream.
  5. Creativity
    This is a general thing to love, but I really love any public expression of artistry or passion. I love the power that unique ideas and perspectives hold and think that creativity, whether in a practical problem-solving sense or an artistic masterpiece, is the most important thing in the world and the greatest thing humans can practice. Speaking of creativity…
  6. Los Angeles
    For me, LA has always been the pinnacle of creativity. Everything I’ve always loved since I was a kid about pop culture is centered there. It’s overflowing with artistic energy.  I lived there this past summer and found myself more inspired than I’ve ever been before. Each person there is living their passion and setting the trends for the future of so many creative industries. This energy makes the city have a certain magical quality to it, that I’ve only ever seen captured in the movie La La Land.  There’s a reason people deal with the awful traffic just to be in the center of it all.
  7. Lots More
    Another thing about me is I can really get interested in anything. I love that each person has their own passion and drive in their life, and I love to put myself in the shoes of other people. I love trying to find out why somebody loves what they do. So, if that means reading a piece about the history of organic chemistry or trying a game of Dungeons and Dragons, the uniqueness of each human experience makes me curious to give anything an open-minded go at it.

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